‘Pokémon Sword and Shield:’ New Trailer, New Pokemon

New trailer, new gym leaders, new pokémon, and gigantic pokémon–that’s what today brings us. You won’t get to try them out yourself until November 15th, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at some new pics and info, starting with the trainers:

I’m not sure how to pronounce this one… bee? Bay? Beah? Whatever the case, this will be the new leader of the fighting gym in Sword and Shield. We can see she’s clad in fighting gear, something like a kickboxer, and has a fighter’s physique.

Sword and Shield will be getting an emo-looking ghost trainer in the form of Allister. The hand movements are interesting here, though I wonder whether they are intended to represent him holding puppet strings, or just kind of a general undead/zombie type thing.

In addition to the new trainers, four new pokémon were shown in the trailer.

Pokédex: Alcremie can produce whipped cream, which becomes richer the happier Alcremie is feeling. Desserts made using this cream are invariably delicious, so many pastry chefs strive to have an Alcremie as their partner.

(exclusivelygames, foto: Youtube)

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