Raiders of the North Sea review – “Recruit, Raid, Refine”

Dire Wolf Digital is no stranger to the mobile marketplace, having previously worked on a handful of board game adaptations including Lotus and Lanterns. Raiders of the North Sea, however, is so packed with quality that it feels like a new milestone for the developer.

Raiders of the North Sea is an interesting game to see taken from tabletop to digital due to it being the middle installment in a trilogy..The trio of board games, from Garphill Games, revolves around Vikings as they race to build a mighty fleety (Shipwrights of the North Sea), smash and grab some loot (Raiders of the North Sea), and chart and claim new lands (Explorers of the North Sea). Its defintiely got the most interesting premise for most.

It comes complete with a 10-mission campaign mode, a vs AI skirmish mode as well as local (pass and play) and online multiplayer. Due to the turn-based nature of the game it’s a really solid fit for pass and play, and the fact that the online multiplayer can be either live play or staggered (asynchronous) is a really nice addition.

(PocketGamer, foto: Youtube)

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