Sniper Ghost Warrior

Sniper Ghost Warrior in the first part surprised with his success, especially the authors of CI Games. The second part also got on this success, but the third, in which they wanted to venture into the open world, was no longer impressed. The authors did not have the capacity to fill the vast world and it was a big bite for them. Therefore, they are now trying to go back in the new section of Contracts.

Creators, however, do not go back to closed missions, but remain somewhere between them and the open world. In a very interesting center. Hitman adapted the style of sites with medium-sized territories and with the freedom to access their targets. Similarly, you get the assignments you need to accomplish, complemented by challenges and various task additions in environments. Although the authors did not come to produce unfortunate coincidences like Hitman, here’s the battle zone and your sniper’s best friend.

In the story, you transform yourself into a charter soldier who gets a role from a secret organization in Siberia. The country recently broke away from Russia and the new leadership, led by one of the comrades of the Kremlin, sums up wealth only for itself. People see it and created their resistance, which began the struggle for a new freedom. You are getting missions to eliminate the country’s leadership in an effort to stabilize the situation and prevent the mass cleansing that the country’s leaders are planning. This will take you through Siberia in a series of locations with designated destinations. The objectives will be both the destruction of people and the acquisition or destruction of data or research. Criminals are working on viruses, DNA research and various possible threats that you have to stop for some reason. Don’t expect a deeper or more extensive story. We just have to solve the problem. You are Seeker and this will be your task.

The game will offer five large open environments, while being similar in style to Hitman, but larger with several locations. Mostly with several camps or habitats occupied by the enemy army. There are no civilians or any of your friends. They are all goals. At the same time, these are all threats to you. You will reach research areas, forest camps, a dam or even a cargo port.

In the environment, you get several goals, mostly two to three people, and another series are complementary tasks with getting and destroying things. Interestingly, and perhaps confusing, the authors will only summarize your battlefield goals with an introductory video, paying attention to what they are showing, as the game map itself will only briefly indicate where to look for the targets, or not mark them at all. All you have to do is browse the map. On the one hand it is sometimes too good not to navigate a player, on the other hand, if you do not guess where the target can be, it can end in a lengthy search of dozens of buildings.

Gameplay itself is a combination of stealth and action, and you choose your own progress. You can try to shoot targets safely from a distance, even if you have to guard the number of cartridges (and then search for supplies), you can try a stealth approach and try to keep your enemies from seeing you, move between them to your target, or attack, which is also a real way. Every style of browsing is well balanced. The combination of all styles is ideal, as shelling is the best part of the game, but the action or stealth approach refreshes it very well. Eventually, the situation will often turn into an action where you die and restart your mission until you figure out how to do it most effectively.

The sniper is, of course, the foundation, and it is deeply elaborated accordingly. The authors already have experience from previous games. There is breath retention, leaning the rifle on objects, lying down, there is no wind and dropping charge. There are modern technologies where the sniper shows you the strength of the wind and also the fall of the charge. This is a good idea to make it easier to calculate the charge path, but not too much, since you still need to set the target according to distance. Gradually, you will train nicely in headshots. To make the whole thing not so easy, there are also armored enemies in the environment, which are very difficult to destroy with one shot. If they notice it and start shooting before you kill them with multiple shells, the alarm is on the roof and the silent procedure is over.

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