Vehicles and Trade Routes Enter the Wastelands of Surviving the Aftermath

 We hope you all…survived…the holidays and enjoyed your time with friends and family. We’re kicking off 2020 with a brand new content update for Surviving the Aftermath that continues to expand gameplay possibilities and add more features requested by our community. This time we’re rolling out vehicles and introducing trade routes to the wasteland alongside more new buildings for your colony.

Here’s a rundown of everything included in the next update:

Vehicles can be scavenged from the world map. To claim a car, simply move a Specialist to the vehicle’s space and they’ll commandeer the ride for your colony. No one wants to drive a busted bucket of bolts, so you’ll need to bring the car back to your colony for repairs before it can be used for exploration. Each vehicle can transport several Specialists at a time, making it easier to move your colonists long distances in the World Map. Specialists can get into and out of cars freely, but they’ll need to retrieve the vehicle when they get tired of huffing it on foot.

Trade between societies is more about exchanging favors and leveraging your reputation as a currency. You can buy and sell resources between your colony and other societies using trade envoys that arrive at your colony’s gates. These envoys will establish trade routes that will be marked on the World Map for easy identification. Make sure you keep an eye on your resources, depending on your trade deal, you will need to keep your supplies stocked in preparation of the next envoy’s arrival. Failing a trade will penalize your reputation and reduce your ability to purchase resources from other societies. You’ll be happy to hear that you can even trade seeds with your neighbors, making it easier to acquire this rare commodity since you no longer have to rely on events.


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