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Daily Domino Puzzle

Everyday 6 new Domino Puzzle games. Fill the grid so that every possible domino appears only once. Rating

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Exclusive game: Container Trucks Jigsaw 5/5 (1)

Description: Container Trucks Jigsaw is jigsaw puzzle game with container trucks. You can play in 12 levels in this game. Rating

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Logical Journey Adventure

Description: Logical Journey is puzzle game where you need to pass levels with obstacles and enemies. Collect all apples before go to the next levels. Rating

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Funny Flowers Jigsaw

Description: Funny Flowers Jigsaw is a fun online puzzle game. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse. Solving puzzles is relaxing, rewarding, and keeps your brain sharp. Rating

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Number Search

Find the numbers as fast as possible. Drag on the grid to locate a number. Rating

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Daily Hexnum

Daily HexNum puzzles in three different sizes and difficulties. Place the numbers from 1 to 6 in a circle around the grey cells. Every number can occur only once in a circle. Rating

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Old Time Car Jigsaw

Description: Let’s play our new jigsaw puzzle game called Old Timer Car Jigsaw. You can select one of the twelve images and then select one of the three modes. Rating

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2048 Legend

Description: In 2048 Legend you need your arrows to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch each other, they are merged into one! Rating

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Christmas Truck Jigsaw

Description: This is jigsaw game with Christmas Trucks. Chose with how many pieces you want to play and try to put the pieces in right position to get the image with Christmas Truck. You can chose between five images. Try to play and enjoy Holidays. Have fun. Rating

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Spookiz Jigsaw

Description: Spookiz are popular cartoon where these wacky monsters creep out for their own slapstick adventures. And you can have an adventure while playing this game. Click on the image and choose how hard you wanna play. Rating

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