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Super Sniper Assassin

 Descritpion: Super Sniper Assassin is a great stickman sniper rifle aiming and shooting game. In every level you will have to read carefully your assignment and finish it with only one shot. Sometimes you may have to act fast or your targets will escape, so good aiming and fast thinking are key to clear […]

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 Description: Bullet Force is an amazing multiplayer FPS game with great 3D graphics. Create a room (with a maximum number of players, public or private etc…) or join one and start shooting. NOTE: This game will only be fully cached in Firefox. Controls WASD to move Spacebar to jump Mouse to shoot Shift to […]

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One Hand Cowboy

 Description: This unlucky cowboy now has only one hand, but he must practice his shooting skill if he hopes to survive in this cruel western world. There are 12 different challenges you need to finish, find the proper angle and shoot the aim! Come on, you can do it, be the coolest cowboy! Rating

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 Description:  Aim and shoot to defend your territory. Rating

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Zombie Typing

 Description: Zombie Typing is a fun and really challenging zombie-themed typing game. Your goal is to kill as many undeads as possible before they get to you and eat your brains. The twist in this cool shooting game is that need to type words to shoot your gun, so you better start increasing your finger […]

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 Description: GlowIt is a cool package full of fun 2 player mini games that include soccer, basketball, car and shooting games. Start by randomly selecting one of them and challenge one of your friends to mercyless show downs in which good aiming and fast thinking are key to take the victory. Play as many matches […]

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Assault Strike 2

Description: Welcome to the world of the special forces! This new 2019 game offers 4 playable game modes, lots of weapons, bots and many more. Strategically placed weapon and ammo spawns will help you achieve more in the game. You can change the appearance of your weapon and customize it. Individual voting menus available allowing […]

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Army Combat

 Description: Army Combat is a fascinating first person army force shooting game. Take on the role of a soldier in a battle against endless enemies and try to kill them all before they take you down. Use different weapons, like a machine gun, a shotgun or a sniper rifle and eliminate all targets to pass […]

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Rocket Clash 3D

 Description: Rocket Clash 3D is a cool and hardcore third person multiplayer shooter, with badass beret wearing muscly characters who shoot at each other right next to an atomic bomb. That’s right, they wear berets! Just join a match and try to shoot the crap out of your opponents and lead your team to the […]

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BotBattles .io

 Description: BotBattles .io is a cool multiplayer online IO battle game to challenge other players from all over the globe. Control a little round bot armed with powerful weapons on a field with enemies trying to shoot you down. Act fast and shoot the crap out of them before they eliminate you. Select three out […]

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