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Black Hole Solitaire 5/5 (1)

Description: Move all the cards away to the black hole in this solitaire game. You can move cards to the black hole if the value of a card is 1 higher or 1 lower than the card in the black hole. Rating

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Freecell Duplex

Description: Freecell solitaire game with two decks of cards and 8 foundations. Move all the cards to the foundations from Ace to King. On the tableau you can build down on alternating color. Use the FreeCells to temporarily park a card. Rating

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Classic Mahjong Solitaire

Description: Classic Mahjong Solitaire is a strategy game in which all steps must be calculated. Your task is to remove all tiles from the board by removing two identical tiles – with the same character – that are not blocked by other tiles. Is it worth picking up the first pair of stones that you […]

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Animal Mahjong

Description: Mahjong Solitaire game with Animals. Remove all tiles in pairs of the same free tiles. Rating

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Huge Spider Solitaire

Description: Huge version of the Spider Solitaire game. On the tableau build a group of cards from King to Ace in suit. You can place cards in descending order but you can only move groups that are in suit. Rating

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Gaps Solitaire

Description: Arrange all cards in color from 2 to King. Move a card to empty spots that are the same color and one higher in sequence or start with a 2 on the extreme left. You have 3 shuffles. Rating

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Solitaire Story – TriPeaks

Description: A free solitare game with classic tri-peaks puzzles. Choose your own choices, play with new fun cards in every episode. Rating

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Egypt Solitaire

Description: 100 different levels of Solitaire Fun. Try to remove all cards by combining two of the same. Rating

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Solitaire grande 4/5 (1)

 Description: Get ready for a big challenge with this online version of the beloved card game. You can play with a one card draw pile or three. Rating

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Klondike solitaire

 Description: Play free online Klondike Solitaire, the world’s favorite card game! You’ll love testing yourself in this rewarding game of skill and concentration. Rating

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