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Zombie Derby in the NIGHT

Description: Do you have the drive to survive? Real men have two favourite things; cars and guns. And no stinking zombie apocalypse is going to change that. Take control of your car to see how far you can get and how many zombies you can kill – and if you can actually escape with your […]

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Wars Z Zombie Apocalypse in the City

Description: Wars Z Zombie Apocalypse 2020 is not only a third-person shooting but also a survival game with 3D realistic game art animation. Rating

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Exclusive game: C-Virus Game

Description: The new virus hit the earth, it is C-virus! More than 90% of the population is infected. Rating

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Horror Zombie Drive

Description: Your goal is to control a vehicle that you’ll use to drive over as many zombies as possible. Try to get as many score points as you can. Rating

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Zombie Derby 2

Description: Discover the dangerous post-apocalyptic world with cool upgradable cars! It’s going to be a really exhilarating fight that no one will want to miss! Rating

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Exclusive: Dead Outbreak

Description: Top down wave-based zombie survival game, try to survive as many rounds as you can. Rating

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Zombie Attack

Description: Zombie Attack is a game of survival. You are a soldier that has to try and valiantly save mankind! As you play, you can unlock a new weapon. You have 10 different missions to complete. Try to take out the undead horde as efficiently as possible.Humanity needs you. The zombie apocalypse is spreading all […]

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Poligon War Zombie Apocalypse

Description: Poligon War Zombie Apocalypse is a single player FPS game. Your gun is your best friend. Survive zombie apocalypse. Pass through the all levels. Enjoy all the details on the map. Are you ready for another poligon apocalypse ? Well this time be ready for awesome guns and realistic pixel environment. Your mission is […]

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Zombie Outbreak Area

Description: Zombie Outbreak Arena is an online action game where you will be fighting against hordes of undead. For each kill, you will be rewarded with XP that can then be used up to rank up. The game is offering you 5 different maps with a functioning day/night cycle. That’s important because you get awarded […]

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Zombie Mission 4

Description: Legendary Zombie Mission series continue with a brand new game. In the 4th game of the series, you will encounter with more challenging zombies, traps and problems to solve. You can stop the zombies by using 9 different weapons along with the help of your gaming friend. Save the hostages as you progress, but […]

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